Queen of Hearts Foundation races to raise over $65,000 for ovarian cancer research

Queen of Hearts Foundation races to raise over $65,000 for ovarian cancer research the foundation also partners with UC Irvine and establishes an annual grant

The Queen of Hearts Foundation raised over $65,000 at their Spring Benefit and Auction “The Great Race” on Saturday evening, March 19th, 2011 at the Crevier Classic Car Showroom in Costa Mesa in the Foundation’s great pursuit to fund research projects directly focused on factors thought to be associated with the early detection of ovarian cancer. There is no other foundation in Orange County which raises money exclusively for the early detection of ovarian cancer.  The foundation’s second decade started with festive teal boas, guests dressed in black and white, classic cars and distinctive silent auction shopping.

The Queen of Hearts Foundation is thrilled to partner again with UC Irvine in its quest to establish the only Ovarian Cancer Center of Excellence on the West Coast.  The announcement of this partnership helped fund over $10,000 toward the first annual Queen of Hearts Research Grant, which will be awarded annually to a fellow/faculty member with a meritorious ovarian cancer research proposal.

As UCI and the Queen of Hearts Foundation partnership and fundraising flourishes, the Foundation’s goal is to implement: patient care through Ann’s Clinic for Ovarian Cancer Screening; education and awareness through symposiums and Fellowships; and, research opportunities through the Queen of Hearts Research Laboratory that opened in July 2010 at UC Irvine’s Sprague Hall.

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