Our Mission


In 2000 we founded the Queen of Hearts Foundation which is specifically dedicated to funding research projects for ovarian cancer and helping educate others on the disease. We know that with an early detection screening, we can save many women’s lives.

The Queen of Hearts Foundation is committed to making a difference in womens’ lives. We want the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer to know there is hope for survival. We remain passionate that early detection, early awareness and intelligent medical attention are the keys to fighting this cancer. We are the only foundation in Southern California specifically dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research projects.

Our mom, the queen of our hearts, lives on with each of your generous donations, with each bit of advanced research, and with every woman who we hear has been impacted by their relationship with one of us at Queen of Hearts Foundation. We are truly grateful for you, and honor the many families and women we know who support us with our identical commitment, passion and dedication.